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Build On Your Lot
If you are like most of our clients, you've looked at many custom built homes. Are you now dreaming about building one yourself? Maybe you've dreamed about building your home on a piece of land you already own, or want to own soon. Have you imagined or dreamed of the beautiful winding staircase in your foyer, or maybe the luxurious walk-in hot tub in your master bath?

But has something stopped you? Like having the time, or maybe you’ve gotten bogged down in thinking of all the details wondering how you could ever do it, or you just don’t know how to go about it?

Windsong Homes & Consulting is a North Carolina & South Carolina home builder that builds custom homes on you lot or land, and are here to make that dream you have come true.

We will guide you detail by detail through the entire process and make it fun and easy for you too.
Here’s The Process:

Select a Lot
Either you already own a lot, or we will help you find one. We have industry contacts all over the North and South Carolina.
Pick a Plan
Either pick a plan in our extensive library, or bring us your custom plan, or just bring us your dreams and ideas. We work with numerous home designers that will help you design the home of your dreams. Our only limit is your imagination, and our team’s “out of the box” thinking.
Windsong Homes & Consulting have a number of home builder banking relationships that can help you obtain the construction-perm loan money you might need for your new custom home. Our bank contacts have a sincere desire to make this an easy and hassle free process for you...even in today's economy.
Site Visit and Evaluation
We will need to have a clear and detailed understanding of the land on which you want to build your dream home. We have evaluated land hundreds of times and we can save you not only a ton of time, but thousands of dollars on this step alone. Unfortunately this is where many people have lost a fortune...don't let it be you.

Selection Day
The final step in determining the cost of your house will be doing all your home selections. Up to this point you’ll have a good idea of the house cost, but to get the price narrowed down, we will help guide you through this step. This can be as detailed, or as simple as you want it. But one thing is for sure; we will make it as easy for you as we can. This truly is the fun part of building your dream home.

Now is the time when we come to an agreement on the exact price you’ll pay for your new custom home. There will be no questions, no after thoughts, no mistakes, and no change orders…unless you want one

Closing Of Your Construction-Perm Loan (If Needed)
This must occur prior to our starting your home. For your benefit, we can recommend a good real estate attorney, or you can always use yours.

Pre-Construction Meeting
To put the final touches on all the details; you will meet with us before we start the actual building. With the home plan and detailed specifications in hand, we will cover each and every inch of your plan, and each every line item to make sure we got it right.

During Construction
Beyond our exclusive “181 Inspect What You Expect Plan of Action,” we will have four personal meetings during the building of your new home, or more if you request it. You will always have access to us by e-mail, or phone. We believe that the root of all problems is the lack of, or the poor quality of communication. Therefore we encourage open and continuing communication.

The Construction Process Key Milestones:

    Lot Clearing and Grade Work
    Footings and Foundation
    Framing and Roof
    Sheetrock - Paint
    Interior Trim
    Finish - Final Touches

Warranty, Move In, Orientation Day
You and Windsong Homes & Consulting will have an appointment to walk through your new custom home. This is where you will get an orientation on the various features of your new home, and the details of your Bonded Builders Ten-Year New Home Warranty that we provide to you.

Why Does Building On Your Lot Make Sense With Windsong Homes & Consulting?

Experience - We are home builders that have built over 550 homes
Great Customer Service - As respectful home builders, we take the most pride in this area. Simply stated, if you’re not happy, we aren’t happy…bottom-line.
Versatility in Design and Building - We will build any custom home design, anywhere you want it in North Carolina.
Budget Accuracy - We have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars on systems that tell give us the most detailed estimate you could ever find in the industry. We know down to the last nail and 2 x 4 how many we are going to use. Too many home builders don't have the experience or tools we have to do this.
Speed and Precision of Building - We have built over 550 homes and we know how to get it done fast, and most importantly within budget and correctly to your specifications.
Warranty - We offer one of the best, if not the best new home warranty available by Bonded Builders
Exceptional Financing - We have refined and developed special banking relationships and agreements that will reduce your closing costs, offer you special interest rates and unique incentives.
Land Consulting - Having been home builders for so many years, we have looked at 100’s of tracts of land. Let us help you pick the best one.

If this sounds like something you want to hear more about, give us a call at 1-800-311-4139, or fill out the “Contact Us Now” form above and to the right. We will get back to you as soon as we get it.
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